o    Weekly visit

o    Complete Chemical testing

o    Add proper chemicals to sanitize & balance the water

o    Clean out skimmer basket

o    Inspect equipment for proper operation

o    Check pressure gauge

o    Set timer for the correct time

o    Clean filter

o    Clean out pump basket

o    Turn pump on & ensure it primes

o    Skim water surface

o    Brush steps & Tiles

o    Brush sidewalls & floor 


o    Silver Service +

o    Vacuum pool as needed (using Hammerhead Vac)


(Our pricing varies on the size of the pool, screening & the surroundings).

Our reliable pool maintenance helps keep your pool in perfect condition with our technicians certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Sit back, relax and take a dive…into your Clear Pool!

Pool Equipment Repair Service
We Repair and Install Pump, Motor, Timer, Heater, Feeder & More...
Water Treatment
Acid & Chlorine Wash

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