o    Weekly visit

o    Complete Chemical testing

o    Add proper chemicals to sanitize & balance the water

o    Clean out skimmer basket

o    Inspect equipment for proper operation

o    Check pressure gauge

o    Set timer for the correct time

o    Clean filter

o    Clean out pump basket

o    Turn pump on & ensure it primes

o    Skim water surface

o    Brush steps & Tiles

o    Brush sidewalls & floor 


o    Silver Service +

o    Vacuum pool as needed (using Hammerhead Vac)


Our reliable pool maintenance helps keep your pool in perfect condition with our technicians certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Sit back, relax and take a dive…into your Clear Pool!

(Our pricing varies on the size of the pool, screening & the surroundings).

Water Treatment
Acid & Chlorine Wash